Keeping up with the Digital Revolution in the Language Classroom: 4 Skills meet 21st Century Skills

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Blogs & Other Writing Activities

Blogging refers to the use of web logs, which are easily updated web pages that can contain multimedia content and can be automatically sent to readers/viewers. A teacher At NVCC has a blog for students to read and a wiki for students to write on.

A good simple explanation on how to get started is here. Or go to and sign in with your Google account. You'll see this screen:


Click on Create your Blog. Then sign in with your Google account.


(register for one if you don't have one yet)

Then name the blog


and choose a template for the design. For classes, you may want to set the class members up as authors so they can also post to the blog. (after signing in, you will be at the 'Dashboard' and this has a 'Settings' link. Click that and then choose 'Permissions' to enter the email addresses of those you wish to invite as authors.)

Weblogs for use in ESL CLasses | An 'Internet English' Class and blogs by Students

Purdue University has an annotated list of online resources for ESL students
Their Online Writing Lab is excellent

Creating a web activity for a foreign language class

General Links:

Apple has a nice set of lesson plans on Language Arts using technology

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