Keeping up with the Digital Revolution in the Language Classroom: 4 Skills meet 21st Century Skills

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Across the Universe of Music

Using music, even simple background music, can humanize a dry, cold classroom instantly. Streaming radio can provide music of various genres and in many languages. iTunes also has radio stations - imagine perfect reception no matter where your clsssroom is located.

CAL has a good digest summarizing research and techniques for using music in language classes.

Tim Murphey has written of the discourse of pop songs and ways to incorporate the music that students like in language study through projects like singer/songwriter bios, listening activitites with lyrics, student reactions to songs, and student performance or creation of songs. Murphey also applied Neurolinguistic principles to songs, analysing their hypnotic effect.

A teacher who wants to use songs in class can utilize an online lyric bank to prepare handouts or to check on the approriate nature of a song for classroom use. Remember that many songs, in many languages, can be seen on YouTube. And with the new verson of RealPlayer for Windows, you can now download the video from YouTube.

NCLRC's Culture Club has a Music Room with reviews of international music.

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