Keeping up with the Digital Revolution in the Language Classroom: 4 Skills meet 21st Century Skills

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A MOOC Is a Massive Open Online Course. Many are free. Some have a charge but they are more afordable than classes at a university. Examples can be found at Coursera, Udemy, MIT, Open Culture, EDX, and Udacity. Here's a fun idea: Learn English with Daft Punk!

Wikis - How Wikis Work

A marvelous tool for exchanging comments, short speeches, and any kind of oral practice is Voice Thread. A susbscription for one instructor is about $100 year, but provides one Pro and 50 user accounts. As their website says: "Whether it's Distance Learning or adjunct coursework, a VoiceThread allows educators and students to use a single tool to host secure conversations around almost any type of media, videos, documents, images, or presentations. Present course materials within a rich, online environment that fosters a warmer, more engaging dialogue around ideas and concepts." Listen to teachers talking about how they use Voice Thread.

For offline presentations, strengthen skills with PowerPoint: Demonstration in PowerPoint

More tips on how to use PowerPoint

Template for a Jeopardy game in Powerpoint

Example of a Jeopardy game for a thematic unit review in Powerpoint

Here's a web video on the colors in Spanish:

Resources for adding to powerpoints: (right-click and choose Save as.. to your flash drive)

Water sound | Short Movie| Different Templates

Set up a class on Blackboard

    Blackboard is a service that a school subscribes to in order to allow teachers to have a web site for interactions with classes. GWU's website has instructions on creating  acourse on Blackboard:
Other schools, such as U of Texas, offer more detailed tutorials on Blackboard
Princeton even has animated tuotorials:
If you are working in a school where Blackboard is available, there should also be training available. Ask the HR dept. for it.

Individual teachers who are not associated with a school that has a Blackboard account are better off setting up their own website and placing the documents and applications they want to use there. One of the drawbacks of Blackboard is that once the class is over, the class site is no longer available except to the professor. Another problem is that others cannot access your site if they are not registered with the school. So if you want to show someone the neat things you've created and uploaded you'd have to upload it to another site if that person is not a student who can use the Blackboard account.
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