A teacher-friendly guide to teaching learning strategies

Over the years I have given workshops in the US and Japan on teaching language learning strategies, and have often been asked for more materials that teachers can use to develop lessons and introduce strategies to their students. That is one reason we produced this book, as a handy guide for teachers, without a lot of theory, but full of examples, practical ideas, and actual lesson plans. I hope this book will become a well-thumbed, useful reference for you, and that you will explore the ways it can assist you in guiding your students to become more effective learners. Please let your own creativity flower with this book as the seed. In your own practice, when you come across particularly successful innovations in the ways we have presented here, please let us know; perhaps your lesson plan can be included in the next edition.

In my teaching experiences, I have found that understanding and practicing language learning strategies helps my students to feel that they have more control over the learning process. This is a first step toward learner autonomy, the promotion of which is one of my main goals in teaching.