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IMA 540 Linguistics Class 3

Writing; The ABCs of Language The History of Writing Pictograms and Ideograms Petroglyphs: rock drawings found in caves like Altamira  Pictograms: image of an object Ideograms: pictogram that represents an idea Cuneiform Writing Old known form of writing, developed by the Sumerians Wedge-shaped form of symbols Logograms: symbols that represent words (used in word-writing systems…

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IMA 540 Linguistics Class 2

Linguistic Signs – arbitrary relationship between form & meaning Lexicon: mental database of roots, inflectional and derivational morphemes What does our morphological knowledge consist of? Morphemes (smallest units of meaning) Morphological Rules (how to combine morphemes) Types of morphemes: Free morphemes: can stand alone as  a word Bound morphemes: always appear as part of a word…

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IMA 540 Linguistics Class 1

What is Language? It distinguishes humans from animals It’s a system made up of sets of knowledge & rules A system that relates sounds or gestures to meanings Linguistic Knowledge: Knowledge of the sound system the inventory of sounds (what sounds are possible within the language) where those sounds may occur (position in word, position relative to…

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IMA 540 – Linguistics Schedule

[SlideDeck2 id=735] IMA540-linguistics_LA-tb1_JR Course #: IMA540 – Focused Study II        Title: Linguistics and Expression               Credits: 3 Mode: Course                                            Term: Fall 2014 Instructor: Jill Robbins, Ph.D.                                                                             Student: Tyler Bean Class Time:…

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