Expert Group Presentation
Case Study Paper

Expert Group Presentation

Names of Group Members ____________________________________

Scoring:     5 = Outstanding, exceeds expectations

4 = Good, meets expectations
3 = Fair, not up to expectations
2 = Poor, substantially below expectations                                                                                               Score


1.      All group members were active in the presentation.                    ____

2.      Reference was made to the five required sources/articles      from peer-reviewed journals.                                                       ____

3.      Presenters were knowledgeable about the topic, organized and synthesized the information, and explained the concepts clearly. ____

4.      The presentation had a visual focus and instructional variety.    ____

5.      The presentation was relevant to teaching and contained

practical applications and examples.                                          ____

TOTAL SCORE                                                                                   ____



Rubric for Case Study Research Paper:

Content is complete ___/10
Length: 9-10 pages (excluding References, tables, student work samples), double-spaced, stapled. ____/4
Include a cover page with your title, name, date, and course identification. ___/1
Style: Use APA style. This includes not only references in the list, but also citations in text, and table formats ___/10
References:  In addition to the articles in the class text, please cite at least 4 to 5 other references related to your topic. These references must be to articles that you have read in their entirety (not articles cited by another author). ____/5