CPED 6556 Teaching Demonstration:
(Download printable pdf: CPED6556TeachingDemo)
(From the syllabus): This assignment is designed to integrate the use of technology into a content-focused lesson for the purpose of increasing linguistic accessibility for English Language Learners. The aim is for the students to have an interactive learning experience for increased language learning and retention. In addition, this assignment should connect theory with practice through the use of technology, multimedia, or creative instructional techniques or activities. Each student will present a mini-lesson, where his or her classmates act as the audience. In addition, each student will provide a copy of their lesson plan to each classmate and the instructor. Students may use any format for lesson planning that they are most comfortable with, but the plan must include a section describing at least two scholarly articles, books, or book chapters (theoretical or research-based) that support their techniques. Each student will be allotted no more than 15 minutes to conduct their lesson.

  1. Sign up for a date and topic. You must propose a topic to the instructor at least 1 week prior to your presentation date. (You are welcome and encouraged to seek guidance earlier, of course.) The instructor must approve the topic, and may ask for clarification or additional information before approval. You may choose to present a content lesson, where you use techniques to increase the accessibility of the lesson for English language learners, or you may choose to present an English (or foreign) language lesson, using techniques related to linguistics to support your teaching. For example, you might use concepts from phonetics or phonology to work with students on their English pronunciation. Or, you might use concepts from morphology to help students learn science or math vocabulary. 
  1. Find at least 2 articles, books or book chapters related to the teaching techniques and/or linguistic concepts that underlie your techniques. Read these resources.
  1. Develop a lesson plan. You may use any lesson planning format that you are familiar with, as long as the lesson plan describes the goals of the lesson, purpose of activities included in the lesson, a detailed description of presentation and demonstration techniques, and any activities, practice, group work, or homework assignments, and the expected outcomes of the lesson and how they will be assessed. In addition, describe how technology is used in the lesson, and how any handouts, visual aids, or other materials are used in the lesson. Your lesson plan must also include a section that describes how the resources you found support your teaching techniques. Aim for one well-written, detailed paragraph per source.
  1. Present your lesson. On the day of your presentation, you will distribute copies of your lesson plan to each student in the class and the instructor. Your classmates will serve as the students for your teaching demonstration. Conduct your lesson as you would with the intended audience. Your lesson will be evaluated based on the rubric below.

CPED 6556 Teaching Demonstration Evaluation




Teaching Demonstration (15 points)

Translation of linguistics concepts to classroom use

Appropriateness of techniques or activities

Use of technology and/or creative presentation techniques, demonstrations, or activities

Handouts, visual aids, or other teaching or presenting materials

Lesson Plan (10 points)

Overall clarity and thoroughness of lesson plan

Explanation of relevance of topic to language teaching and/or learning

Discussion of linguistic theory/research to support topic, including outside resources